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Scopri di più su di noi, sulla nostra storia e sulle nostre origini musicali.

Dopo gli anni trascorsi nel settore e dopo aver accumulato un sacco di esperienze indimenticabili abbiamo deciso di condividere questo progetto, permettendo a chiunque di fare musica.



About Us

where it began

A duo born in 2016, Riccardo Moio & Mattia Berlanda, a producer the first and  singer the second. Riccardo, with a past in the electro house / EDM, and Mattia, who leaves behind the world of alternative Rock, have chosen to try something new, far away from their origins. After almost 10 years made of musical experiences they decided to live apart and to work in their studio. Their last satisfaction (After having participated in the final of Amici casting 17 aired on TV Realtime), was to be immediately contacted to be the special GUEST in the event of the year in Latvia. They are stubborn in the search for originality, to be able to really convey to all their talent, and that is why they take care of every work in detail.

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